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The Rentalator helps investors analyze the potential for a property to become a self funded rental.

Within seconds calculate what you can pay for a property without having to top up the mortgage every month. The Rentalator with then calculate the maximum monthly mortgage payment which can be paid based on the expected rental income and also taking into account the safety margin, which in turn will determine the maximum price which can be paid for the property for it to be self funded. The Rentalator enables you to enter key pieces of data, including the expected monthly rental, the safety margin you feel comfortable with, the current interest rate and the percentage deposit you or your bank has determined you need to pay.
Monthly Rental Income :This is the expected total monthly rental for the property.
Safety Margin : This is the percentage of the rental income which will go to cover general costs (other than the loan payment) e.g. maintenance of the property and periods where the property is vacant. A generally accepted safety margin is around 20%-30%, You can enter a higher percent if you want a more conservative analysis
Interest Rate :This is the expected interest rate percentage for this loan. You must enter a fixed interest rate percentage as this version does not support variable loans.
Deposit percentage (Down Payment) :This is the percentage of the total purchase price which will be required for a deposit.
Monthly Loan amount: This is the maximium monthly loan amount that can be paid using only the monthly rental income and taking into account the safety margin. This is based on interest only loan and does not account for any payments made against the loan principal.
Purchase Price: Following the self funding model this is the purchase price calculated based on the values entered.
The Rentalator is to be used for information purposes only, any calculation results should be used as an indication only and should not replace research or professional advice.