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My Meal Planner


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The iPhone My Meal Planner is designed to take the stress out of deciding what’s for dinner each night. Enabling you to plan your meals and create a shopping list which means you only need to visit the supermarket once a week rather than every day.

Although creating the weekly meal plan takes a little time, ultimately it will save you valuable time and money during the week by avoiding supermarket queues and buying for ad hoc meals. Generally we all eat the same sort of meals on a regular basis so the meal planner allows you to store your favourite meals to add quickly to any day of the week. Each day you can enter Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and any snacks that you think you will need during a given day. If you have a special occasion or plan on eating out you can just leave the day blank or add your favourite restaurant meal, for those who like to keep track of their eating habits.

Once you have entered a meal you can then enter what you will need for the meal, this is not a recipe ingredient list so you only need to enter the key ingredients for example mince, potatoes and peas rather than store cupboard ingredients, or ingredients you know you have to hand. My Meal Planner will then automatically update your weekly shopping list.